When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (2023)

The idea of ​​using electricity to treat pain may seem strange, but this is exactly how electrical pulse therapy works. Also known astranscutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), uses small electrical currents to reduce pain signals in the brain.

Electric pulse massagers deliver electrical current through adhesive pads placed on the skin. These pads are controlled by a portable central unit that can be used to adjust amperage.

The benefits of electric pulse massage

Electric pulse massage can be used to control knee pain, back pain, neck pain,athletic injuriesand arthritic pain. It can also be used to treat menstrual pain, labor pains and endometriosis.

A review published innursing hoursreports that although the evidence is contradictory, it may work well for some patients.

It is drug-free, safe for most people, and only causes a mild tingling sensation. You can use it for longer periods of time, so it's a good option for chronic pain.

The electrical impulses cause the muscles to contract, just as they would during a massage. Your muscles will be looser and more flexible after the treatment.

Here are some of the best electric pulse massagers for home use:



When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (1)

I pulse massager



10 sticky pads

12 massage functions

20 power levels


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When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (3)




8 sticky pads

12 massage functions

20 power levels



When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (4)




8 sticky pads

16 massage functions

20 power levels


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When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (5)

PHC digital pulse massager



4 sticky pads

8 massage functions

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Best Electronic Pulse Massager - Reviews and Guide

1. I Pulse Massager

When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (6)For a completely pain-free experience, the iPulse massage is one of the most popular options. This handheld mini massager has 12 relaxation programs for you to choose from. Many of the programs include traditional massage modalities such as shiatsu, kneading, acupuncture and Thai massage.

The massage contains 10 self-adhesive pads and an adjustable timer that you can set from 10 to 60 minutes as you like. It is a perfect choice to treat any muscle aches, joint pains and sore areas. For such an affordable price, you will no longer feel the need to go to the spa when you already have the best massage at home.

See more information:Mini Relaxer I Pulse Massager Review

2.HealthmateForever 8 Modes, the best smart portable electric pain relief machine

When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (7)This device provides electrical pulse massage via six flower-shaped pads. With 20 intensity levels and 8 pre-programmed massage modes, you can adapt the treatment to your needs.

The device simulates muscle movements caused by cupping, acupuncture, foot, stroke and back massage for effective pain relief.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that offers up to 10 hours of use per charge. As the device has two outputs, it is easy to target two areas of the body during a single treatment.

In case of emergency, you can press the instant power off button on the screen.


3.NURSAL TENS Unit rechargeable electronic massage device

When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (8)The NURSAL TENS system comes with 8 pads in different shapes and sizes. This allows you to tailor your treatment to specific areas of your body. Equipped with 20 levels of intensity, you can adjust it until you get the relief you need.

Lithium battery is easily charged via USB cable.

You can choose between kneading, beating, acupuncture, shiatsu and suction functions. However, you should be aware that there is no continuous massage function. Instead, the massage functions alternate from weaker pulses to stronger pulses.


4.KEDSUM FDA approved 16-mode rechargeable TENS unit

When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (9)With 16 functions and 10 levels of intensity, this device allows you to experiment with dozens of different massage combinations. Massage modalities include flat palm kneading, acupuncture, tapping, Thai massage, and shiatsu.

You can set the massage to last between 10 and 60 minutes. It is rechargeable and has dual output.

Customers have noted that the user manual is a bit unclear. You may need to be patient as you learn to operate the device and decipher the symbols on the screen.


5.PHC digital pulse massager

When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (10)As one of the leading brands in the production of high quality massage machines, PHCLife introduces the Digital Pulse Massager in Silver. The battery-operated electric pulsating machine works just as well as a regular massager, relieving all muscle aches and any joint pain. With an easy-to-use design and model, the massager is equipped with 8 different shock massage modes that include Shiatsu as well as Haiku mode.

Made from the finest stainless steel and featuring a long-lasting battery, this dual-channel machine simulation system is a great choice for anyone on the go. Compact and lightweight, the PHCLife Digital Pulse Massager is great value for money.

6.Electronic pulsating massage device Trumedic unit TENS

When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (11)For more intense stimulation, truMedic has the electronic TENS Pulse Simulator. Athletes attest to its effectiveness as it can heal any pain caused by a sports injury. It has four massage functions including kneading, pulsing, massaging and pulsing. This machine is perfect for all areas of the body, from shoulders to knees.

Therefore, if you feel the slightest discomfort or unbearable pain in your body, you can get relief from this electronic pulse massager that you can buy at a very affordable price.


(Video) T.E.N.S. Unit: WARNINGS about T.E.N.S.!

7.Prospera electronic pulse massager

When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (12)The PL009-EV is on the list as one of the highest rated electronic pulse massagers. It helps with temporary pain relief, so when you experience pain in the middle of the night, just grab this massager and get quick relief. The FDA approved device contains 8 electric massage pads and 2 handles that help you reach different areas of your body from neck to knees. It has three previously programmed massage techniques and these include light massage, kneading and firm massage. It also leaves you with a wider choice, as these programs have speeds that adjust accordingly.

8.Pure Pulse electronic pulse massager

When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (13)If you are looking for a massage that is worth your money, Pure Enrichment is one of the brands to look for. Pure Pulse doesn't live up to its well-deserved reputation, as it's made from high-quality, durable material that you can take with you wherever you go. The 4 reusable adhesive pads are non-irritating and stick exactly where you want them. In addition, the device has 3 types of massage, which are kneading, massaging or tapping. It also has a built-in timer that saves energy and ensures a long life.


9.Puls Mini II massager

When should you consider purchasing an electric pulse massage device? (14)The IQ Massager Mini Electric Muscle Simulator is the perfect choice for anyone who wants their massager in their pocket. Small but mighty, the Mini ii offers a wide range of options. It has 6 massage functions such as pushing, needling, depositing and suction. It is also programmed with 20 power levels.

The product is FDA approved and contains electrodes and electrical massage pads. So skip the medicine and get the IQ Massager Mini Electric Muscle Simulator for a pain-free experience.

How does an electronic pulse massager work?

Although temporary, the pain relief provided by an electronic pulse massager is immediate and noticeable. Electronic pulse massage uses low-voltage electrical pulses to remove pain in affected areas. The main part initially produces low-quality electrical impulses. These impulses produced by the device are transmitted to the body through electrical cables connected directly to the device.

From the wires, electric currents go to points located precisely on the affected parts of the body, and the displacement impulses mentioned above enter the body and reach the nerves located next to the points. Electrical stimulation is known to help the body regenerate damaged tissue. It also acts as a trigger for the body to produce natural hormones such as endorphins. Endorphins are peptides that the body produces and have an analgesic effect. They block pain receptors and this is the main reason why electric shock massage gives pain relief.

How to Use a TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager for Pain Relief

Electronic pulse massager side effects

Electronic pulse massagers offer a wide range of benefits. Below are some of its medicinal side effects.

positive side effects

Relieve discomfort and pain

The electronic pulse massage reduces the user's perception of pain by stimulating the release of endorphins.

Retrain your nerves

Nerve damage causes a significant reduction in their functionality and integrity. Dysfunctional nerves are deprived of the ability to receive and send signals correctly. This interferes with a person's senses, such as the perception of temperature and pain.

In addition to retraining sensory functions, the low-voltage impulses also allow the nerves to take the correct path to the muscles. With continued use and nerve rehabilitation, this device may allow the user to restore previous muscle mobility and flexibility.

Increase blood flow

Electronic pulse massagers also affect the blood vessels within range of the electrodes. Arteries, the blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood, are also surrounded by layers of muscle. These muscles, when subjected to electrical impulses, tend to relax and inevitably result in an increase in diameter. The increase in the diameter of blood vessels is accompanied by an increase in the rate of blood flow.

An increase in blood flow is associated with an increase in the supply of nutrients and oxygen, which is good for the body. The more nutrients and oxygen diffuse into cells in the human body, the more functional and healthy they become.

Improve range of motion of joints, muscles and tendons


Low voltage electrical pulses benefit the joint by relieving inflammation. Inflamed joints are difficult to expand because forced expansion is accompanied by pain. By using electronic pulse massagers, the target areas of the body will experience a temporary deprivation of the factors that cause inflammation, thereby relieving the target joints from inflammation and pain.


Muscle contraction equals muscle shortening and this limits muscle range of motion. Muscle contraction causes the muscle fibers to overlap and therefore results in a reduction in length. As the electrical impulses produced by E-Pulse Massage cause muscle relaxation, this often results in increased range of motion for these muscles.

negative side effects

buzzing sensation

After an electronic pulse massage session, there may be a buzzing or tingling sensation that only lasts a minute or two. They are generally harmless, but some people may find them uncomfortable.


Although rare, make sure you are not allergic to adhesives before using an electronic pulse massager. In this way, you can avoid any redness and itchiness on your skin.

How often can you use an electronic pulse massager?

You can use the electric pulse massager as many times as you like, as long as you feel safe and secure. Low-quality impulses do not have a significant negative effect on the body. It is even beneficial for recovering damaged nerves.

Although it has no harmful effects on the body, instructions for using the electronic pulse massager are available with each purchase. These guidelines are not designed to prevent negative side effects from occurring. Rather, they are designed to avoid overspending and potential waste. Most often, it is recommended to use electronic wrist massagers for 20-80 minutes.

Order additional accessories

Electric pulse massagers usually come with a set of reusable pads. Shelf life will depend on skin type and frequency of use. Finding replacement pads is easy. you can reorder from the manufacturer or find a generic supplier on Amazon.

Electric pulse massagers Contraindications

If you have a pacemaker or other implant in your body, talk to your doctor before using an electric wrist massager. You should also see a doctor if you have epilepsy or a heart condition.

Finally, although this technology can be used to control labor, it is best to avoid TENS in early pregnancy.

TENS provides pain relief during use. it is not intended to treat long-term underlying conditions. If your pain continues or gets worse, you should make an appointment with your regular doctor.

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