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(Video) Resthaven Funeral Home and Memory Gardens


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Resthaven Funeral Home and Memorial Park | Monument of Dignity (12)

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Since the mid-1900s, Resthaven Funeral Home and Resthaven Memorial Park have served families in and around Lubbock, Texas. Located within the Loop and approximately 2 miles from Texas Tech University, the funeral home and cemetery provides compassionate care to families throughout West Texas, including the cities of Idalou, New Deal, Shallowater, Wolfforth, Tahoka, Slaton and many cities close to Spanish. communities.

Resthaven Funeral Home and Resthaven Memorial Park welcome families of all cultures and faiths, and our experienced teams include Spanish-speaking counselors.

A welcoming funeral home in Lubbock

Resthaven Funeral Home and Memorial Park | Monument of Dignity (16)At Resthaven Funeral Home, we pride ourselves on providing a family-friendly environment to everyone who walks through our doors. Our lobby is warm and inviting, with neutral decor that has a calming effect. Over the years, we've renovated and expanded our space to meet the growing and changing needs of modern families.

We have 4 fitting rooms where you can meet with an experienced member of the funeral home team to discuss your funeral preferences in a private setting. Each room has a large flat screen TV to help guide you through the different burial and cremation options. Two of the rooms have large conference tables, while the other 2 have comfortable sofas for a more relaxed feel.

The beautiful Abbey Chapel is a bright, modern setting for a funeral or memorial service. It has excellent acoustics and comfortable seating for up to 150 people. The chapel also has video capabilities if you'd like to show photos or videos before or during the service - and if you'd like us to help you create a multimedia tribute, we'd be happy to do that.

Multi-visit areas include 3 staterooms that can be configured to suit your group size.

Our reception area is yet another versatile space to welcome family and friends. Do you want a reception after the funeral? From a breakfast buffet with tacos to a cake and pie bar and a steak dinner, we can take care of the catering - so you can spend more time with the people you care about.

Full range of services

Resthaven Funeral Home and Memorial Park | Monument of Dignity (17)All of our services are designed to help you through one of life's most personal and difficult phases. We understand that losing a loved one is an emotional and difficult experience and we are committed to providing compassionate, professional and personal service.

Our team of funeral directors is ready to work with you individuallyplanning a funeral or memorial service;as unique as your loved one. From the archway of a fire truck, to the downed firefighter, to motorbikes in the chapel, from dropping doves to boxes of funeral donuts, we take what meant the most to someone and create an unforgettable service, full of details and delights.

we are here for you

The team at Resthaven Funeral Home is honored to serve you. Please contact us if you needimmediate helpyou are planning a funeral, want to visit our facilities or want to get to know someone about itadvance funeral planning. We are ready to take your call.

Resthaven Memorial Park Cemetery

Resthaven Funeral Home and Memorial Park | Monument of Dignity (18)Resthaven Memorial Park was established in 1948 and includes 80 acres of manicured lawns, beautiful gardens and undeveloped land for future generations. Plenty of walnut trees on the property provide soft sunlight and shady spots on hot days.

Funeral and cremation options

Asfull service cemeteryWith a mission to provide personal remembrance, we offer the traditional underground burial. Unique, long and accompanying crypts. Built properties; burial in the ground; bank properties; pedestal and inscription stone; and cremation areas. The cemetery has a single internal mausoleum and 3 external mausoleums. Glass cremation niches are available inside the mausoleum.

(Video) Resthaven Funeral Home (3 of 4)

Although there is an older part of the monument, all modern gardens only allow for flat markers.

Religious monuments and other features

Resthaven Funeral Home and Memorial Park | Monument of Dignity (19)Religious monuments and statues dot the cemetery grounds. In the popular Garden of the Empty Tomb you will find several religious figures, including a beautiful bronze angel on top of the tomb. This 5-acre section of the cemetery also houses the cremation garden and pre-developed family grounds with landscaping and memorials already in place.

The tranquil lake next to the empty burial garden provides a relaxing area where families and friends can reflect on the memories of their loved ones. The Roman Catholic Garden houses crosses containing images that portray the entire story of Christ on the day of his crucifixion.

Other religious features on the property include a large bronze statue of Christ kneeling and praying in the Garden of Serenity, a large concrete statue with praying hands in the Garden of Inspiration, and a fresco of the Last Supper located north of the cemetery's main entrance.

Come and see for yourself

We invite you to visit our cemetery to see it all for yourself. If you want to discussburial options, contact us and we will be happy to help you.


In 1948, P.W. Curry founded Tech Memorial Park. Years later, Bill Curry and James A. Curry joined P.W. in his company. Then, in 1954, R.P. Brown built a mausoleum on the cemetery grounds.

A funeral home was built

In 1964, Edward Smith (lawyer and accountant) and 4 other businessmen bought the cemetery. Almost immediately they began planning the addition of a funeral home, which opened in 1965. By 1979, Edward was the sole owner of both the funeral home and the cemetery, which served as Lubbock's Resthaven.

When he bought the cemetery, there were just three buildings: a small cinder-block office, a maintenance building, and a building that is now the interior of the mausoleum.

An Illinois native who served in the US Army, Edward had a near-death experience in August 1963 that led him and his wife to decide to be buried in Lubbock. Although they initially only came to town to buy their digging property, they stayed. And they still haven't used their properties. Instead, they continue their mission to serve the Lubbock community in what is now Resthaven Funeral Home and Resthaven Memorial Park.

Last year

From 1984 to 1990, Edward's son Mark was president of the firm, while Edward retired from law practice to focus entirely on the funeral business. At the same time, Mark and Park Superintendent Ron Hillis oversaw the addition of maintenance facilities. Funeral boxes and concrete domes were made there.

In 1990, Edward started what he called the Empty Tomb Project, a 5-acre section of the cemetery guarded by a bronze angel who used to tell the story of Jesus Christ's resurrection every Easter.

Today, Resthaven Funeral Home and Resthaven Memorial Park are members of the Dignity Memorial® Network of funeral, cremation and cemetery providers.

the empty tomb

Resthaven Funeral Home and Memorial Park | Monument of Dignity (20)In the central part of Resthaven Memorial Park is the empty tomb. Designed by former cemetery president Edward Smith in the early 1990s and built with soil removed for burial, the 5-acre elevated section of the cemetery is guarded by a bronze angel. The centerpiece of the section — which includes a cremation garden and private property, among other things — is a tomb made of concrete with an interior bench for the body and an 800-pound concrete door leading down a dirt road.

The Empty Tomb exists to tell the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every year the door to the tomb is closed on Good Friday night. It opens again on Easter morning. From 1994 to the present, priests of various faiths have held interfaith Easter sunrise services at the tomb.

We care about the community

Resthaven Funeral Home and Memorial Park | Monument of Dignity (21)The teams at Resthaven Funeral Home and Resthaven Memorial Park believe it's important to be involved in our community. We support many different programs and organizations throughout the year, includingCrazy, ThisRonald McDonalds, Marido,Southern Plains Food Bank, a Lubbock Business Expo e o almoço anual Mayor's Beans & Cornbread Luncheon.

We also invite the public to participate in funeral events and cemeteries throughout the year. The annual Easter sunrise service takes place a few weeks before Easter and features the 14 Stations of the Cross, each 10 to 12 feet tall.

On Mother's Day, we distribute fresh carnations to families who visit our property and invite them to place the flowers on the graves of their loved ones.

The cemetery's annual Memorial Day event attracts 300 to 400 visitors. It is the biggest Memorial Day event in Lubbock. Flags were placed on approximately 6,000 veterans' graves across the cemetery, and people were invited to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The event features a local speaker, ROTC, veteran groups, live music and singers, refreshments and a fun giveaway.

We also recognize how critical our public officials are to the safety and well-being of Lubbock. To honor your efforts, we invite youLubecca fire departmentat our funeral home every June for Burn the Brisket. We organize a similar event called Back the Blue tolubecca policeI september.

In November, we donate our time and energy to the South Plains Food Bank through our annual food drive. In December, we visited the pediatric wards of the two hospitals in the area, where we distributed teddy bears and coloring books to children.

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How many locations does Dignity Memorial have? ›

Dignity Memorial is the largest provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery services. The Dignity Memorial® network is comprised of over 1,800 memorial parks and mortuaries throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

How long has Dignity Memorial been around? ›

In 1999, SCI also introduced Dignity Memorial. By unifying its network of funeral homes and cemeteries under one brand name, SCI believed it could establish recognizable and communicable brand values.

What is the cheapest form of cremation? ›

A direct cremation is generally the lowest-cost method of disposition. A direct cremation is when the deceased is immediately cremated, with no service, and the cremated remains are directly returned to the family or scattered.

How much does cremation cost in Florida? ›

What is the average cost of cremation in Florida today? A cremation with memorial service will still cost upwards of $4,000 in most parts of Florida, with an average cost of around $5,700. However, as mentioned above, you can pay significantly less than this if you opt for a direct cremation service.

Who is the largest funeral home company in the US? ›

Service Corporation International (SCI) is the largest funeral home company in the world, with a network of over 2,000 locations across the United States and Canada.

Who is the largest funeral home operator in the US? ›

Service Corporation International (SCI) was initially founded in 1962 and has its company headquarters in Houston, Texas. They own 1,471 funeral homes and 488 cemeteries in the U.S. and are the largest funeral and cemetery services company in the world.

Are dignity funeral plans any good? ›

Yes. Dignity funeral plans are regulated by the FCA so your money is safe. Well established – As a large, well-established funeral provider, Dignity offers one of the most competitively priced direct cremation funerals available in the UK today.

How many hospitals does Dignity Health have in Arizona? ›

At the foundation of Dignity Health in Arizona are our six outstanding hospitals – Barrow Neurological Institute, Chandler Regional Medical Center, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, St. Joseph's Westgate Medical Center and Arizona General Hospital.

How many sci locations are there? ›

We operate in 44 states, eight Canadian provinces, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico and serve families through more than 1,900 locations.

How many Dignity Health hospitals are there in Arizona? ›

Our Locations. Here in Arizona, Dignity Health works to provide health care that makes you feel better. One way we do this is through first-class facilities, with eight area acute care hospitals supported by 14 imaging centers, a number of specialty care centers and medical groups.

Are Neptune Society and Trident Society the same company? ›

Neptune's controversial history

Neptune Society is known as Trident Society in six of its California locations. Neptune also owns the Neptune Society Columbarium in San Francisco, California and the Neptune Memorial Reef near Key Biscayne, Florida.


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