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  • How do massage machines work and what scientific evidence supports them?
  • What types of electric massagers are there?
  • What are the health benefits of electric massagers?
  • Contraindications: When should you not massage?
  • What are all the different types of massages out there?

Conventional massage comes from ancient cultures such as Chinese, Egyptian and Roman cultures. However,electric massagerswe know that today they are newer, but they are based on the same principles they haveadvantages and some disadvantagesas you should know.

we will show youWhat are the benefits of modern massagers for your health?, what are their contraindications, when they should not be used as a source of healing and what forms of stimulation are available to relieve most physical pain.

How do massage machines work and what scientific evidence supports them?

Modern massage machines aremade of hypoallergenic and durable materials and is completely portable, unlike your massager30 years agowhen it was nearly impossible to take them wherever you wanted.

These products have different ways of stimulating the skin, soft tissues and circulation.Some products use vibration, which inhibits pain and activates trigger points.; Other devices provide friction, which relaxes muscle fibers and stretches the fascia. and there are units that emit therapeutic heat that specialize in improving blood flow.

Whether for sports or home use, massagers have proven benefits. WhatDepartment of Human Movement Science, Sport and Health at the University of Graz, Austriahe showed itjust five minutes of massage with electrical devicescan give people better muscle range.

At the same time,Central University of New Delhishowed that massage with these machines better eliminates the components released by the cells when there are athletic demands, helps prevent adhesions and reduces pain after exercise.

In addition to this scientific basis,there are thousands of testimonials from physiotherapists, famous athletes and peoplearound the world witnessing the benefits of mechanical massage.

What types of electric massagers are there?

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The best electric massagers should offer similar benefits in the skilled hands of a physical therapist, but with your budget, these machines can also be taken wherever you want to go.

See what types of massages you will find on our website:

  • Electric foot massagers:they are ideal for those who stand and walk almost all day, where the fascia ends up being exhausted and sore. These appliances are characterized by providing mobility and heating the skin to the point of providing well-being to people.
  • Electric neck and neck massager:they are used to relieve tension in the neck and allow the vertebrae to function properly, but should not stimulate the bones directly. Just relax the muscle fibers to get relief.
  • Myofascial electric massage:These are responsible for releasing the tension that builds up in the fascia, which is a kind of second skin that covers every organ in the body. They are made from a strong yet soft material to prevent damage to that fabric.
  • Electric back and leg massagers:Many of them are a kind of mat that should mainly cover the muscles of the back and thighs. They are used when people are standing, lying or sitting. They are really useful and practical to take wherever you want.
  • Small electric handheld massagers:it's not that they're used to toning their arms, it's that you use them with your hands to reach any part of your body where there's muscle tension. They are the most popular devices because you control vibration and pressure by applying more or less force with your hands.
  • Electric massage chair:Many of the current models are chairs that stimulate the whole body, especially the back, which is why they are the most expensive models for all the material and resistance needed to support the people sitting in them and at the same time provide vibration.
  • Electric shiatsu massage pad:They are excellent products for dealing with high levels of stress in people who have a busy work schedule. There are models that allow you to use this product lying down, standing up and even while driving. They use rechargeable batteries so you can use them wherever you need them.
  • Vibrating electric massage ball:This is also a product that acts on fascia tension, in places that the Foam Roller may not be able to reach due to its cylindrical shape. The pressure on the tissues is controlled by the body's own weight and requires specific exercises to have a really positive effect.
  • Electric massage gun:Most of them come with interchangeable heads that will make it easier to stimulate your muscles, stimulate your myofascial tissue, and activate trigger points that will ease the pain you feel. It is a product widely used in the sports area.
  • Electric myofacial massage roller:Like massage balls, the Foam Roller is a popular device because it specializes in myofascial release. You can use it manually and with vibrations, which tend to have several levels to adapt the body to new sensory experiences.
  • Massage chair:They are products designed for domestic use, despite their large size. They work very well in reducing generalized swelling due to fluid retention, lumbar pain due to a herniated disc and provide general well-being to the elderly and those suffering from degenerative diseases.
  • Infrared heat massagersthey work to expand the capillaries and warm the body for other types of massage. They are designed to save time by warming the tissues and allowing the head massage to have a better effect. Infrared light is minimal, but sufficient to regenerate cells and facilitate muscle recovery.

What are the health benefits of electric massagers?

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While there are different types of massage, they all share many of the benefits you'll find in this section.

  • Relieve muscle pain:As the injuries are mild physical injuries, the pain can be controlled from the first moment of the massage with these electrical stimulators.
  • They reduce muscle tension:It is a sign that the body is tired due to overtraining without rest and because the person has had an unusual day of physical stress.
  • They relax myofascial tissue:a good massage releases tension and protects joint mobility, which is affected because the fascia must always be flexible. These tensions also often cause severe pain.
  • Increase in body temperature:This quality allows the muscles to better recover from minor injuries such as spasms, cramps and fatigue. Massage helps the body to better overcome these injuries.
  • Dilate blood vessels and veins:This forces more oxygen and nutrients to circulate through muscle fibers that need to recover from damage. After physical activity, massage is always recommended.
  • Produce more endorphins:This natural ingredient in the body reduces pain as it is a highly effective pain reliever for relieving pain in any part of the body where there is physical damage.
  • Controls high levels of stress:people who feel anxious and stressed often use these products as mental relaxers, as the mind also feels this relief by eliminating muscle tension.
  • Improve athletic performance:These products really help you spend more time training and shorten breaks associated with muscle damage. By staying active, you'll be able to reach your athletic goals and set new goals in less time.

Contraindications: When should you not massage?

There are few restrictions on the use of electric massagers. But here is a list of reasons why you shouldn't use these devices:

  • For fractures, sprains and dislocations.
  • For chronic pain and inflammation.
  • In the case of cancer patients, it is better to consult a specialist.
  • For fever and general malaise.
  • In degenerative diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis and severe vascular problems.
  • For open wounds.
  • In case of pregnancy, you should also seek support from a specialist.
  • In case of pain when using any of these products.

What are all the different types of massages out there?

All electric massagers are based on a conventional massage method that seeks to providegreater depth and uniformity in people to achieve better results.

  • Therapeutic massage:it is used to treat neuromuscular problems in addition to the physical injuries we discussed. From children and adolescents to the elderly can receive this type of stimulus.
  • Relaxing massage:It's gentle touches and pressure with your hands to relax your muscles. These are superficial massages, as they do not require stimulation of trigger points for a feeling of physical and mental well-being.
  • myofascial release:These are the most popular massage treatments with athletes of all types because the overload of muscle tension makes the body stiff and sore, preventing them from continuing to train.
  • Acupuncture therapy:This is a form of acupuncture that stimulates specific activation and trigger points to relieve soft tissue discomfort, thereby protecting tendons and ligaments.
  • Trigger Point Therapy:Hot spots are often treated with percussion massage, specifically with percussion guns that have different heads to force these points to release tension and reduce pain.
  • percussion massage:These are rhythmic, firm pressures on the skin, although generally not deep to avoid tissue damage. These massages aim to inhibit the emission of signals from pain receptors.
  • Electrical Electroexcitations:use gentle electrical impulses to help stimulate damaged muscles in soft tissue injuries that have not been alleviated by conventional treatments.
  • Electroacupuncture:This is a traditional acupuncture method that combines stimulation of specific points on the body with mild electrical shocks in search of cell regeneration.
  • Massage with electrical appliances:it was designed so that all types of people can have access to the benefits of a professional massage, but at a low cost. The results are the same and the advantage is that you can use it with few indications.


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